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About Us

B.G.W Money Coach Masters is a leader in the money coaching industry.

We believe Money coaching and Cash Flow Planning should be affordable, and accessible to all people of all walk of life. Cash Flow Planning empower people reach their financial goals and get more out of their money. That’s why we’ve developed the Money Coach Academy and Cash Planning software program.

We train, certify and mentor Money Coaches and Cash Flow Planners to help people identify and debunk money limiting beliefs that may exist in their lives, transform their relationship with money, and build stable, secure and prosperous financial lives.

In addition to our unique money coach training and mentoring program, we provide our money coaches, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, cash flow planners and debt consolidation consultants with a cloud-base “Cash Flow Planning software” so they can deliver their money coaching services to their clients anytime and anywhere, and provide them with continuous support to ensure their success.

If you are an established money coach, mortgage broker, financial advisor, cash flow planner and debt consolidation consultant; we invite you to explore this unique Cash Flow Planning software:

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